Tell us your story

We want to create jewels that tell your stories, that are inspired by your life and your person. We want to create jewelry with soul, jewelry with personality.

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Dues mans

We adapt to you

We are always faithful to our style, but we also adapt to each person and each project, as our desire is to create the ideal piece for every occasion.

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treballem per tu

Professional design

The ergonomics of the jewelry, the use of the best techniques in the creation procedures and the perfection in the final touches of the pieces are our priorities.

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Unique and exclusive

We want to create the treasure that you want so much and will make you unique. At Alquimista we are inspired by you, we design for you. We make different jewelry for unique people.

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What is a jewelry workshop?

Unlike the jewelry industries, where jewelry is made in series and mechanically and automatically, a jewelry workshop is a place where we make jewelry by hand, manually, pampering all the details because the officers we work with have many years of experience and we enjoy our craft and the good results of our creations one by one.

In addition, this way of working allows us to fully personalize the jewelry, or make it designed exclusively for you. Everything for them to express your personality and be totally to your liking.

But it is so. In a jewelry workshop, all the tools we use are manual. Only the hand drill, which has a small motor, escapes this rule. Files, saws, pliers, hammers, stuffers… even metal pulling machines are hand operated.

Making a jewel for this system takes many hours of work and requires a mastery of the trade, which we can say is no longer a craft but an art.

Special service for the bride and groom

One of the most special moments in your life is when you meet that person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. We want that in this special moment so we can offer you another special moment to match.

That's why we offer you a unique moment; Create your alliances with your own hands. In our workshop, and with Albert's help, you can shape the jewel that will accompany you for the rest of your life.

We accompany you personally so that the result of your love is meticulously expressed to the jewel you wear. Be involved in creating what will mark you forever and make it unique. We will help you achieve this.

Make an appointment

To attend you, you must make an appointment in advance, preferably from 16 to 20 in the afternoon, since during the morning we carry out the manufacture of jewelry. You can request an appointment via email info@joyeriaalquimista.com or by phone 650 79 33 50. Thank you very much.